The Power of Being

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Is there a higher expression of being that you can be? This short inspiring film looks at the incredible power of being within each and every one of us. It is an animated excerpt, taken from the 'Homo Divinicus' seminar filmed live at Glastonbury Town Hall, England in January 2013, with "Open" (formerly Chris Bourne).

Wow Trinity's video editing skills have gone really pro. An awesome video and message :-)

The power of being gives words to step by, air to breath by and essence to feel by on a pathway towards being powerful within. Thanks again. Love. Mike

Openhand, so simple, so accessible, so touching, so inspiring...thank you for that fab video. I hope it touches others and inspires them too. :-)

With your trips and films at the Tor,Brentnor and the Power of Being I notice a connection to Saint Michael monuments...but I'm usually wrong due to an overactive imagination!

My imagination stirs at the thought of dancing energy, a free flow of movement without hesitation, without censor. A journey forward into the land of not looking back, a place where trust replaces oxygen as the life source of survival and a place where loving embrace is the language of reality. I imagine what already stands before me, my sight hasn’t yet reached the place to see it however the centurion’s that are my feeling alert my senses that arrival is imminent. Imagination is the nebula of creation and only that which limits me can thwart the inevitable sweep of change that is the next step upon my journey.
Great courage emerges as the unknown unravels itself in each moment. I envision standing at the precipice of what arises, needing not to anticipate what may be, instead allowing flow of what already is. This process often seems daunting but my experience thus far teaches that the ebb and flow comes in the same varied manner as the cycles of the spiral which symbolizes all. I am the buzz of sub atomic and the roar of the all mighty, my soul purpose simply is to integrate my questioning duality into the infinite oneness that patiently awaits my arrival.
Each of us intertwines the other, each being, each life force that is planted in the soil meshes our connection to source, constantly calling us home, welcoming us with open arms; the hallway of imagination always one step away.

Would you care to dance? Love. Mike

"Follow your heart at whatever personal cost...and you will summon the whole power of the universe to help you".

The thought of the day on the home page seem to fit with the "Power of being" and in turn the song at the end of the thread rounded it out. All seem to lead back to trust. The hidden portal, the grand paradox. The secret that lies inside the moment. Trust your heart in the moment and life appears before you. As the video says "It happens". It's funny how it feels right even as I am shaking in my boots!! Confronting feeling, expressing truth, unknown outcomes, living on the blade edge. Keep getting up I tell myself, keep trusting. Complex simplicity, exhausting exhilaration. Fun stuff!! Gratitude an love. Mike

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Mike, I was so moved by your posting and the absolute vulnerability expressed therein. It really touched my heart so deeply and although I rarely post, as you know, I felt I wanted to add my love and support and send you the biggest possible virtual hug. I know you will keep on trusting and that trust will move mountains.
With Love, Irene

Chris your support is felt deeply, Irene your words make our connection as fresh as our experiences together. Wonderful to see you posting. My heart stands with this beautiful community as we all keep reaching at our own pace. For those who haven't seen her check out Brene Brown, on the subject of Vulnerability. It weaves through the Openhand message on the pathway towards our expression of our inner feelings.…

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This is an awesome video, full of inspiring and direct experience from someone who has, like most people, really struggled with being vulnerability.
Let ourselves be seen vulnerably seen!
Thanks for sharing Mike.

The random 'lower thirds' banner ad that appeared on this YouTube video was for Silva Mind Control, a method of manifesting what your ego wants. Ironic considering that it is the opposite of what is being taught in this video.

In every moment, these words jumped out at me today, I guess because they go to the heart, they surround the essence of this life and they are so slippery. It is as though I could put all of the illusion of my world into a juicer and these three words would be extracted into my glass. Today I will stay focused on them differently than yesterday and in doing so I will allow my compassion to grow and I will allow my surrender to grow and my acceptance to grow and I will apply these areas to myself first and from that will sprout more for all that is external of me and in every moment I will watch my awareness unfold into life.
All of the words I read on this site I find precious, they give me so much. I step with each of you as we all step in different time but in every moment we share the same beauty. Much love and blessing in this life to all.